eurucamp = community + learning + fun.

eurucamp is where Ruby conference meets camp


Representing the whole community may be a lofty goal, but it’s one we relish. We do it:

  • Keeping economic barriers to attendance low. Tickets with substantial discounts for students, and for those out of work of around a hundred euros.
  • Newbies are invited to attend beginners’ workshops, organised in conjunction with Rails Girls Berlin, and the first day of eurucamp for free.
  • Inclusive.
  • Diverse crowd.
  • Place for significant others and children.
  • Accessibility.


eurucamp is a get-together for learning:


“Taking holidays together”:


The first edition. The EuRuKo conference was happening in town, expectations exceeded the plans by far and many of Rubyists got stuck in Berlin without a ticket. The Berlin community reacted fittingly, putting together a parallel event baptised “eurucamp”.


The eurucamp crew wanted to repeat the experience of running a relaxed and unconventional conference in Berlin. This time it was done in a big way: 200 attendees to the main event plus 60 to the JRubyConfEU, having fun and listening to outstanding talks during a summer weekend (with great weather, by the way) on the shore of the lake.


eurucamp and JRubyConf were extended to five days full of activities, 30 speakers, more than 400 people together, becoming the reference conferences for the whole community. And boy did we have fun!