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HPI Potsdam

  • Three conference rooms.
  • Sporting opportunities.
  • Lake in the proximity.
  • Close to Filmpark Babelsberg (do you remember Marlene Dietrich?)


Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Straße 2
14482 Potsdam

An organisation that is always feeding the Ruby community with great knowledgeable minds. Between them, speakers (e. g. @konstantinhaase) and attendees, have helped to build eurucamp.


By plane

You should generally find getting to Berlin by plane a straightforward experience. Berlin has non-stop connections to most major European cities, in addition to key cities in the U.S.

Unfortunately, the opening of Berlin’s new state-of-the-art mega-airport Berlin-Brandenburg (BER) has been postponed indefinitely. In the meantime, Berlin's two existing airports remain open: Berlin Tegel (TXL) and Berlin Schönefeld (SXF).

Of the two airports, the eurucamp venue (HPI) is located almost equally far away to both airports. It takes about 40 minutes from Schönefeld (38 km) by car/taxi. From Tegel (27 km) you need approximately 30 minutes with taxi/car to the HPI.

By train

Berlin is also a centre of the central European Rail Network. Direct train connections exist to many German and Eastern European metropoles.

Useful links:

Berlin! Berlin!
Wir fahren nach Berlin!



We have negotiated special rates at three hotels nearby.

Dates: 30.07.2014 – 03.08.2014

All prices listed include VAT (MwSt).

1 Mercure Hotel Potsdam City

The Mercure Hotel Potsdam City is situated across the street and over the river from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof, which is only 2 stops away from Bahnhof Griebnitzsee (aka 6.8 km to HPI).

  • Standard single room: € 82 per night
  • Standard double room: € 106 per night

  • Breakfast included

  • flat screen TV with international channels

  • WiFi

  • parking slots for € 10/day in front of the hotel


To book a room at the Mercure please write an email to or call them directly at +49 331 272-2 with the keyword eurucamp 2014.

Available until 22 June.

2 Hotel am Griebnitzsee

The hotel can be found on the other side of the S-Bahnhof Griebnitzsee directly at the Griebnitzsee. It will be the hotel where the speakers will stay.

  • First class single room: € 85 per night
  • First class double room: € 110 per night

  • Room with shower and WC, hair dryer, safe, mini-bar, telephone, color TV

  • Breakfast included

  • WiFi

Check in: after 3 pm

Check out: until 11 am


book here with promotion code eurucamp.

Available until 15 June.

3 Hotel Forsthaus Wannsee

The hotel is approximately 2.5 km away from the HPI, which would be a nice walk or a short bike ride. It is fairly small hotel surrounded by a forrest and near the water.

  • Standard single room: € 69 per night
  • Standard double room: € 109 per night

  • Breakfast included


To book a room at Hotel Forsthaus please write an email to or call them directly at +49 30 8058680 with the keyword eurucamp.

Available until 30 June.


The nearby Bäkeweise camping grounds are reserved for eurucamp attendees on the nights of the conference. The camping area is a 10-minute bike ride from the conference venue.

  • € 25 for 3 nights (31.07 - 02.08)

  • shared kitchen

  • bathroom

Bringing (or renting) a bike is recommended if you stay at Bäkeweise. By foot, it's a 25-minute walk.


Buy a Camping ticket to book.

Available until 2528 July.

For the least stress and most fun, we recommend staying near the venue.


Childcare by Kinderfee

Child care at eurucamp will be provided by the professionally trained nannies of Kinderfee.

Founded in 2010, Kinderfee is Germany’s leading provider of babysitter and nanny services. The platform works with a network of over 15,000 independent babysitters and nannies across Germany.

KF-Logo-de-HG_Lila Created with Sketch Beta.

Your kids will draw pictures, play in the woods, at the beach, on the grass, in a play-room and you can be sure that they will be cared for for the entire weekend. Child care will be provided at daytime on all days of eurucamp core, from 16th to 18th August.

Evening child care is not provided by eurucamp, but don’t worry, Kinderfee is still there for you. You can use the following voucher code to interview up to 3 babysitters for free:

The site is currently only available in German, but if you need help making a booking, please contact one of the team.

You can book childcare here.

Available until 28 July.

Grown-ups are not the only ones who will have a fabulous time at eurucamp. Kids will love it too. While you are engrossed in the world of Ruby, your kids will be enthralled by their own set of activities.


Berlin skyline

Berlin is the capital of Germany and with around 3.5 million people living here it’s also the largest city in Germany. Around one third of the city consists of parks, forests, gardens, rivers and lakes.

Berlin is a city full of history. During the cold war it was divided into East-Berlin, the capital of East-Germany, and West-Berlin, surrounded by the wall (1961—1989), an exclave in a “foreign” country.

Berlin today is a vibrant world city of culture, politics, media, and science. You don’t need to speak German to find your way around. But be polite and ask if they speak English before stating your request ;)

Getting around

public transport

Berlin has one of the best transport infrastructures in the world. One of the city’s major advantages is its exceptionally broad and state-of-the-art system of modern transport. It consists of urban rail (S-Bahn) and metro (U-Bahn), buses and trams. The same ticket is valid on all of them. You can catch a bus and even a train at any time of the day.

The website of the BVG (public transport company) will give you all the information you need.

To find your way from A to B you best visit the Fahrinfo.


Do you want to know what ticket you need?

There are only three fare zones: Zone A, the city centre, which is also known as “in the ring” regarding the “Ringbahn” S 41 and S 42; Zone B, ending at the city limits and Zone C, stretching out beyond the city limits into Berlin’s surroundings (e. g. Airport Berlin-Schönefeld SXF and Potsdam). Have a look at our public transportation map for details.

Select the type of ticket that suits you best: Berlin AB tickets, BC tickets or ABC tickets. As eurucamp’s venue is not within the city borders, you mostly need an ABC ticket. If you stay in the city for some additional days, AB is perfect for you.

Please be aware that most tickets have to be validated before entering the train/bus/tram. For trams and busses, this is done inside of the car, for S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains have a loook at the platform.


You can even download the maps of the U- and S-Bahn or the Tram as PDF before coming to Berlin.


If you have data connection with your mobile device you will find it convenient to use an app for finding your way around the city with public transportation.

We would recommend the following apps.

Android: Öffi

iPhone: Fahrinfo

Windows Phone: the build in Nokia Transport or Bus & Train (€ 1.49).

Staying in the city

how to find …

Ich bin ein Berliner.