The Camp Compressor

Last year the Nerdkunde podcast recorded two epsiodes (#10, #11) of their podcast during the eurucamp. And because we loved those two episodes, we will have an official podcast called "The Camp Compressor" this year. The podcast will be a collaboration of Dirk (Geekstammtisch), Lucas (Nerdkunde) and Bodo (bitsofberlin).

You can subscribe to the podcast with your podcatcher of choice or listen to the episodes right here on the website.

We will speak with speakers and attendees alike to capture a wide range of impressions of the day at the eurucamp.

To subscribe to the podcast just search for it in your podcatcher of choice. Alternatively you could use the web player. If you cannot find the podcast, you could just subscribe to the feeds manually:


No Camp Compressor without Javascript my friends ;-)

The intro song 'Epic Song' is provided by BoxCat Games. It is licensed under CC BY 3.0. No changes were made.


Dirk Breuer

Cologne based Ruby hacker and father. Loves caffeine and heavy metal.

Lucas Dohmen

Language geek, database developer and serial speaker at conferences.

Bodo Tasche

Fighting bits since 1988. Loves HTML5, Ruby and is addicted to sugar.